Once you’ve started the job, its not starting a job, its carrying on until its well and truly finished, that is the real strength

-- Thatcher --

First steps

Step Up is a Direct Marketing company founded in 2009 by a group of young entrepreneurs with a decade of managerial and professional experience, built in the fields of IT, mobile communications, CRM on demand, corporate communication, printing, haute couture, medical and electro medical appliances.


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Step Up stems from the idea that the market is constantly demanding greater specialization, especially in a customer/brand loyalty driven field such as marketing. That’s why we focus on providing custom made marketing services for our clients, to allow them to stay in direct touch with their customers.

In order to be irreplaceacle, one must always be different.

-- Chanel --

Why Step Up

We really believe that impossible is not a constraint, but a challenge.
Client first. The client, be they profit companies, non-profit organizations, agencies, requires results but also quality, information, honesty, security, and reasonable costs.
We can tackle projects of all sizes; we don’t want to be the “Stars” we are interested in delivering the best possible show.
From consulting to objective definition, from strategies and tools to management and follow-up management, we do it all.
We don’t compromise on quality, regardless of quantity.
The only way to deal with unforeseen circumstances is to plan ahead.
Our business runs on enthusiasm without sacrificing our competence, ethics, transparency; we know how to listen and offer ideas that guarantee added value.
We work with partners in social media, where “LIKE” and “SHARE” are mandatory, but we know how to apply new media to the traditional tools of direct marketing. We believe that “traditional” analysis yields the best information to update and enhance a dynamic asset such as a marketing database.

…because we like to dance….

We are good for nothing and capable of everything.

-- Jim Morrison --

Our services

Our services are provided by our team with years of experience and passion for business development.

Marketing Databases

Development, management, update of proprietary databases. Data update with e-CRM applications; data cleansing; standardization; cross-checking and merging files; qualification and profiling from internal sources, web, telephone recall, social media; data entry; data extraction; data processing and analysis.

List Acquisition

Identification, research and acquisition of data lists: web research, proprietary databases, external databases, privacy protection.

Contact Activation

Activation, development and maintenance of contacts: direct mailing with express and traditional mail services, e-mailing, text messaging, outbound call centre: telemarketing and recall.

Telephone Recruitment

Coordination and management of telephone recruitment campaigns. Project management and briefing, start up activities, phone and e-mail inbound, customized e-mailings, telephone recruitment from assigned lists, drop recall, reporting, post-event activities (data entry feedback, redemption assessment, results analysis).

Coordination and Management

Coordination and management of data enrichment, demand generation, lead generation and lead nurturing activities. Project management, briefing and start up, script writing, interview database construction, telemarketing, reporting, data entry, post-event activities (data entry feedback, redemption assessment, results analysis).


Counsel and organization of seminars and events. Exhibitor and visitor recruitment, inbound secretarial service, organization of press conference (as required), location selection (as required), payment management, advertising and communication campaign support, hostess and security services.

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If you think you are too small to make a difference, try sleeping with a mosquito.

-- Dalai Lama --


We have worked with some of the following:

Companies: Amministrazione Beni Immobiliari Ricceri, ADP Italia, APC American Power Conversion, Alvarion Italia, BenQ Mobile, BMG Ricordi, British Council, BSA Business Software Alliance, Bticino, BU Power Systems Italia, CCI Cotton Council International, Cedacri, Centro di Promozione del Diamante, Celli, Cisco Systems, Cognos, Derga Consulting, DNV Det Norske Veritas, Dom Perignon, Elemond, Evidian SA, Esso Italia, Gruppo RTT, Healey & Baker, Hermes Italie, Ingram Micro, ISPE Institute of Skin and Product Evaluation, Kodak, Lancaster Group, Logicom Italy, Matrix Communications Italia, Mercury Interactive, Microsoft, Nintendo Italia, NPO Sistemi, Ocè Italia, Pubblibaby, SalesForce.com, Sap Italia, Siemens Mobile, Siemon Italy, Sky, Sogea Scuola di Formazione Aziendale, Strhold, Telecom Italia, Tyco Healthcare Italia, Un Mondo Nuovo, Università Bocconi di Milano, Vodafone.
Agencies: Barabino & Partners, Business Press, Cantiani Pubblicità e Marketing, Formazione ed Eventi, Freedata Labs, Go-West, Meta-Idea, PartnerLab, Say What, Scacco Matto Agency, The Nursery.
Non-profit organizations: Action Aid International, Centrale Etica, D.ssa Elisabetta Casali, Faschim, IRET Foundation, Istituto La Casa, La Grande Casa, Mud Art Foundation, TOROC Comitato Giochi Olimpici Torino 2006.

After climbing a high hill looking at the horizon we always see that there are still many high hills to climb.

-- Mandela --

Case Histories

Three Rules of Work:
1. Out of clutter find simplicity.
2. From discord find harmony.
3. In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity.

-- Einstein --


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Follow the three R’s:
Respect for Self
Respect for Others
Responsibility for all your actions.

-- Dalai Lama --
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