Elisabetta Casali – Communication & Fundraising Consultant

I know Rossana from 20 years and I shared many challenges with her, working for both companies and third sector organizations.

She is a tireless worker, who demands much from herself and her collaborators, always trying to make a difference.

The client’s objectives are his and he pursues them with determination while offering strategic analysis and a valid hand to solve even the most practical issues.

In her I recognize a genuine interest in the data, her treatment and her valorization: give her a database and in a short time she will produce clear results!

Elisabetta Casali – Communication & Fundraising Consultant

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Dr. Norberto Didier – Marketing Director of Microsoft Italy OEM division

Congratulations, and … thank you!

Dear Rossana,
writing a letter of reference is a real pleasure when, as in this case, you have worked together best for more than 10 years with someone who has always met our expectations.

For a company like Microsoft to be able to count on serious, reliable and fast partners, always ready to offer their support and constructive contribution is, as you know, a priceless value.

I therefore take this opportunity to thank you for your work and commitment over the years.

The telemarketing and mailing campaigns you rely on have always been smooth, without hitches. Maximum focus and availability. Excellent and transparent relationships. In this way we did not have great difficulty in achieving the goals we had set ourselves.

I was able to appreciate your great organizational ability, which resulted in the management of many operators and in the supervision of complex orders, which were sometimes structured along the way.

Even in the minor activities, the attention has always been maximum and the service excellent; in short, you have always been a right arm for us! Last but not least, working with you and your team, even in moments of greater tension in everyday life, is always a pleasure!

Thank you.

Dr. Norberto Didier – Marketing Director of Microsoft Italy OEM division

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Miorica Bertolotti – Director of Communication at Hermès Italie Spa

Hermès Italie has been using the services offered by the Step-Up company for over twenty years. A collaboration that has been consolidated over time thanks to the qualities of seriousness, reliability, confidentiality, promptness in problem-solving demonstrated by Rossana Fiocchi and her team.

We appreciate your willingness to manage new requests and needs, sometimes dictated by urgency, and the character of proactivity in proposing new solutions to simplify and streamline procedures.

Respect for deadlines is another aspect that makes Step-up a reliable company, a partner with whom you can work with satisfaction and with professionalism.

Miorica Bertolotti – Director of Communication at Hermès Italie Spa