Activate, develop and maintain: contacts represent the foundation which creates business. marketing mailing push survey

To obtain positive results, contacts, whether they are suppliers or customers, must be valued and kept active, doing various marketing ways, traditional and/or modern, involve different media in successive or simultaneous phases such as: mailing, push, survey ecc.

  • Direct mailing the service includes all activities involved in the preparation and shipment of documentation, from the sourcing of materials/gadgets, relative pagination, printing, enveloping, to the actual fulfilment of individual kits, up to the shipping. Moreover, given the mailings we receive especially during the periods of the holidays which are sometimes not complete, we have designed an envelop-sized container, customizable, in accordance with the rules of postal consignments, able to keep materials and gadgets in good condition; a useful tool to ensure better effectiveness for mailings aimed at individuals. Also in this case, the start-up phases of the activities involve checking, normalizing and doubling the file. To send correctly a mailing, a data check and a punctual processing are necessary: the automatisms are indispensable but often not enough
  • Telemarketing outbound / inbound: push – recall – survey; outbound telephone actions can be aimed at multiple objectives, provide a valid support for decisions through market research, establish and mantain a one-to-one contact with the client or prospect. These actions therefore can be aimed at market knowledge, at launch of commercial initiatives on new products and services, to strenghten the image, to the expansion of its commercial presence, at updating the information available in the marketing information system that would otherwise risk rapid obsolescence. Today call centers are also used to manage social media, in the form of web content center, but they remain a pillar for the target audience, in order to be able to demonstrate their needs, dissatisfactions and suggestions, both outbound and inbound
  • Database Marketing Management updating and entering through remote access and/or web applications and/or CRM tools information and marketing data on proprietary databases located at the customer.
  • E-mailing and/or Sms through specific applications, we plan and manage high volumes of items within the times and in the ways defined according to the customer’s objectives. The start-up phases of these campaigns include checking, normalizing and deblocking of the recipient file, in order to send the most targeted list possible. Finally the analysis of the result of the campaign and the reintegration in the database is included
  • Social networks including Instagram, Linkedin, Facebook and Twitter to try to trace the name of the requested figure or users in the customer’s database to increase contacts and deduplicate any double.
  • Leafleting with distribution of flyers per person in fixed and dynamic locations; distribution of posters to public establishments or to a targeted target; carrying out all the practices of the municipality of Milan and surrounding areas.

The case histories stand out marketing activities that requested all the points above, the consolidation of different database for mailing / e-mailing and following telemarketing targeted to sending (push / survey / recall).

The activity is carried out in compliance with the current privacy laws (new GDPR).

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