Because the impossible is a challenge

We really believe that “impossible” is not a constraint, but a challenge

Because we don’t compromise

We don’t compromise on quality, regardless of quantity

Because the human factor is key

Client first. The client, be they profit companies, non-profit organizations, agencies, requires results but also quality, information, honesty, security, and reasonable costs.

Because we are small but multi-faceted

We can tackle projects of all sizes; we don’t want to be the “Stars” we are interested in delivering the best possible show.

Because we offer comprehensive services

From consulting to objective definition, from strategies and tools to management and follow-up management, we do it all.

Because we don’t compromise

Quality is key, no matter the quantity

Because we are aware that unpleasant surprises are in order

The only way to deal with unforeseen circumstances is to plan ahead

Because we are enthusiastic

Our business runs on enthusiasm without sacrificing our competence, ethics, transparency; we know how to listen and offer ideas that guarantee added value.

Because we know how to mix new media with direct marketing

We work with partners in social media, where “LIKE” and “SHARE” are mandatory, but we know how to apply new media to the traditional tools of direct marketing. We believe that “traditional” analysis yields the best information to update and enhance a dynamic asset such as a marketing database.

…Because we like to dance…