The client company intended to use a single supplier for the coordination and management of the mailing activity aimed at its official clubs, both nationally and globally, also involving members.

Activity objective:

  • choice of suppliers for the production of various materials
  • sample productions
  • gannt diagram to share production / delivery times and schedule advances and material delivery costs
  • receipt of file clubs and membership files
  • normalization of files, control of registries above all of members to avoid unnecessary shipping costs for addresses, mostly foreign, incomplete / incorrect
  • procurement of materials by estimating a share in addition for new members
  • production and printing of various gadgets for club members and board members
  • printing of personalized letters in various languages, fold letter A4 into 3 or 2, glue for personalized card and envelopes to be printed differently for Italy and the rest of the world
  • counting of materials for each club based on the number of members and enveloping them in special containers with the club ID
  • kit fulfillment
  • worldwide shipping of both letters and kits;
  • management of delivery notes and waybills.

Campaign result and follow-up actions

Despite the fact that the customer database was constantly updated, the final balance, which can usually be increased due to the variations in the volumes involved, was in line with what was estimated with a final credit.

Thanks to the optimization of the process and the savings in terms of management with a single supplier, the customer not only decided to re-engage Step Up in subsequent calls, but intends, given the precision in coordinating and managing a fairly complex activity, to divide the consignments to the members in more annual tranches by sending in addition to the card also the kit for them.

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