Managing a Club

The client required a promotional campaign for a Club.

The club offered coupons for special telecommunication services to the participants who signed up.

To subscribe, participants had to fill in a coupon they found in the product package or on the premises of the point of sale. A similar coupon was made available on the club web page.

At a later date participants received a package containing a welcome letter, the Club card and a gadget.


  • Processed the paper coupons, opened and managed a PO Box for the coupons, checked coupon validity (addresses, underage participants, added IMEI code tool and checked part number and data code); entered data contained in the coupons into the database (name, surname, date of birth, gender, profession, address, e-mails, product data, store and privacy)
  • Managed end user coupons sent via the web by exporting subscription forms, added the IMEI code tool and checked the part number and data code; took out invalid coupons.
  • Managed invalid coupons by highlighting reasons of exclusion – sent e-mails and letters to retrieve missing information where possible – recall in case of coupon missing information.
  • Periodically extracted, normalized and sent out the subscription file in order to print cards;
  • Managed card mailing (envelopes, personalized letter, card, assistance stamp, gadget choice depending on the item purchased, questionnaire, pre-stamped envelope) – dispatched according to shipping regulations and storage management of up to 30,000 gadgets;
  • Managed inbound emails: card information, unlocking codes – card loss – assistance directed both to customers and retailers;
  • Managed questionnaire: creation of a database; data information based on around 20 questions – thank-you letter sent by mail or e-mail together with a discount code;
  • Recalled retailers providing information about the club;
  • Other activities such as management of unlocking codes to users – cancellation management and paper archive management.

Campaign and follow up result

Within 2 years, the number of subscriptions went up to 90,000.

The good redemption resulted in the client choosing to digitalize almost the entire process outsourcing extraction management, list management and mailing.

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