The customer association wanted:

A: to profile a list of 8000 contacts without both email and postal addresses

B: a monthly telemarketing to solicit prospects for the SAD and review of this process

Objective of the activity: A

  • Setting up a basic script with the aim of remembering on which occasione the name were recovered and motivation for obtaining the e-mail address and postal address in order to send material
  • Summary report to highlight the current status of the file
  • Particular data cleansing because it was a sparse list of information, for example by combining namesakes with different telephones to check by phone if they were mere doubles; normalization in order to submit prospects to web research with telephone numbers with missing numbers or in excess of the standard composition of the belonging area
  • Profiling of prospects to recover or verify e-mail / postal address and in case of interest continue with wealth screening by qualifying the contact via financial information (cash on hand / estimated annual donations) and not (employment / hobby) with the objective of identifying prospects likely to spend medium-high donations
  • E-mailing to all respondents

Objective of the activity: B

  • Prompt prospect on a total volume of master data processed of 36.500 (a new list was sent every 15 days) and review of this process
  • The original script was revised to respond to the new objections that emerged and to improve the call (presentation, tone/way of conducing the conversation, minors, etc.)
  • Minimization of the number of unfinished calls respect to the corresponding possible causes of non-contact (incorrect numbers, recontacts) and appropriate solutions: web research, sending of DEM with the creation of an ad hoc mailbox, use of social networks, mailing and increase in the number of recall from 3 to 5/6 each, also fixing, if necessary, appointments at unusual times
  • Sending e-mail or mailing to the contacts who claimed to have already started the adoption, who promised to start it and to the undecided soliciting a definitive response, so as to avoid contacting them
  • Acceleration of the communication of information to decrease the process completion times, output delivery and reporting times: reports were delivered every 7, 15 and 30 days from the date of the files unlike a total report per month

Campaign outcome and follow-up actions

Although the association had and has an internal call center, the intervention of a structure such as Step Up was necessary and thanks to the results obtained, the activity continued for a few years.

The most significant profiling redemption data: 5% have become SAD donors – 20% one-time donors – 7% future prospects – 14% double – only 8% pending.

The redemption of the prospect reminder instead meant that the wrong numbers, which initially amounted to 50% of the file itself, decreased in a range that ranged from 12% to 19% – prospects that later became actual SAD donors also increased (from 7% to 12% / 16%) and one-time donors too (from 22% to 26%) – future prospects increased from 7% to 13% – pending decreased from 18% to 7% / 13 %.

Thanks to the cleaning of the database and the satisfaction for the results achieved, we have also been entrusted with the management of the mailing for Christmas and for the 5×1000; printing of gadgets and materials useful for mailing, management of shipments and related practices, as well as accommodation, normalization based on postal dispositions and deduplication of donor and prospect database for about 130.000 pieces.

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